Drunk In Love

While you are drunk in love this Valentine’s Day why not also try being in love while drunk? Here are 5 cocktail ideas for you to mix (or order) with love.

Cherub’s Cup Cocktail


A lovely mix of St. Germain, vodka (or gin), muddled strawberries and sparkling rosé. Visit Style Me Pretty for the recipe and more beautiful photos.

Cardamom Rose Cocktail


Lots of people love roses, why not try them in your cocktails?  This drink is a unique blend of floral and aromatic flavors.  Give it a try using this recipe.

Pink Mojito


A little dream of summer for those of you living in cold climates.  Mojitos are one of my all time favorite drinks.  They are so versatile and always tasty. Check out the recipe here.

The Stiletto


For those looking for something with a little more strength The Stiletto will deliver.  With whiskey and a complex mix of fruits and bitters this drink is sure to please. The recipe can be found here.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Martini


You didn’t think I would forget to put chocolate on this list did you?  This martini is a souped up version of the classic chocolate martini you may have experienced before.  I’m certain I would drink myself under the table with these any day of the year.  Check out the recipe here.

BONUS: Strawberry Jello Shots


These jello shots come in there own edible “shot glass”. Full instructions available here. You could also dip these in chocolate and serve boozy chocolate covered strawberries. If you do you should invite me over to taste test.

Reminder: drink responsibly and never drive intoxicated.  Ghosts are fascinating, but don’t rush into becoming one. 


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