Rest In Peace

There are an infinite number of ways to die, but only a few options for what happens to your body afterwards.  I have never been a fan of the idea of embalming and just letting my body lay in the ground forever. Thankfully there are some alternative options. You have probably heard of some options such as cryogenic freezing, being shot into space or becoming a tree….here are a few you may not have heard about.

Eternal Reef

The eternal reef is my preferred option.  The premise is simple, your body spends eternity supporting marine environments. Your body is cremated, mixed with cement, poured into a mold, and then placed in the ocean in an area where natural coral reefs have deteriorated. I can’t think of a better way for my body to spend eternity than to be surrounded by fish, coral, sea turtles and all the other critters that live in and around reefs.  The best part is that there is no need to buy a coffin, a headstone or have your body embalmed.  Plus you can save the cremated remains of a loved one (human or pets) and have them mixed with yours in the same structure.  I think that’s quite sweet.  If I could spend eternity watching sea turtles with my husband that would be my heaven.

And Vinyly


And Vinyly will press your ashes into a unique vinyl record.   Multiple copies are given to your loved ones to share. If you like this option you need to plan in advance to create your personalized recording.  It can be your life sound track, a special message or just your natural pops and crackles (for about 12 minutes per side). They will take partial bodies or the whole thing (must be cremated in advance).  They also take pets. For an extra fee you can have your record distributed in select stores.  Lets just hope future generations hold on to record playing technology so they can listen to your life’s B side.

Life Gem

They say diamonds are forever, and now you can be too.  Have Life Gem turn your cremains into a one of a kind diamond.  There are various colors, cuts and settings available. These can also be made from a lock of hair.  Just in case you want to give that special someone a piece of yourself while you are still around to see them enjoy it.

Infinity Burial Suit


A suit I like to call the flesh eating mushroom death suit will return your body to the earth thanks to the specially cultivated infinity mushrooms. Created by artist and scientist JR Lee the suit blends fashion with living units. The mushrooms neutralize the toxins in your body and turn you into healthy nutrients for the earth.  Check out this Ted Talk to see the suit in motion.

A Work Of Art

There are a variety of artistic options for your final remains.  Nadine Jarvis is well known for making various pieces from human ashes.  I find the set of pencils the most interesting.  The average body can yield over 200 pencils, enough to last someone their life time.  The box comes with a built in sharpener so the shavings are saved and the box becomes an urn when the pencils are finished. Jarvis has also made bird feeders which nourish the birds and allow them to spread your remains far and wide.

Deciding what to do with your final remains is a tough decision.  With all the available options I’m sure you can find one that suits you best so you can live happily knowing you will rest in peace.



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