Spooky Baby

When you prefer the spooky life and you have a baby you are faced with a dilemma. You either put in the effort to find clothes you love or you give up and go with clothes that make you less than happy.  This is especially difficult when you have a son like I do.  There are seemingly endless style options available for girls and a very limited selection for boys.  I chose to search high and low for clothes that I thought were cute.  The effort paid off and I have often been sad when my little burrito grows out of something I was particularly excited to find. Below are a few shops that I found useful. Hopefully this will save you a few hours and maybe a few dollars.


An obvious go to for everything you may need to order online.  It takes work to find what you’re looking for, but it can be well worth the time.  Available brands such as Sourpuss and Crazy Baby Clothing specialize in alternative fashions with lots of great options. There are other brands like Leveret which have styles that are not necessarily alternative, but they are more interesting than all white onesies.

BuyBuy Baby

I was surprised to find that this large chain store carried some great options. My most exciting find was the selection of Mayfair brand solid pieces in bold colors with matching hats.  If you want you can buy a whole handful of black onesies for a reasonable price.  By far the easiest option with tiny ones that get dirty in a blink. As with all basics you can mix and match the colors to your hearts content. The online clothing selection is even better with lots of options that you don’t always find in the stores.


Carter’s sells in chain stores like Target and on Amazon, but also have free standing stores plus an extensive online shop. They quickly became my go to for awesome pajamas.  They have some of the cutest options around.  They also have great deals constantly.  If you sign up for the mailing list you will receive coupons on a weekly basis on top of the already reasonable prices.  I found myself in the store at least once a month searching the clearance rack.  The savings come in handy when your little one is growing out of everything so fast.

My Baby Rocks

My Baby Rocks is an online store dedicated to babies, children and alternative fashions.  They have a large selection of designs in dozens of categories like “Zombie Baby“, “Monster Baby“, or “Pirate“.  Many of the designs are available in multiple colors so you are sure to find something that suits your tastes. The prices can be a little steep so I only purchase items I can’t live without.  I buy them at least one size too large so they last longer.



The Spencer’s stores are known for naughty gag gifts and fun clothing and accessories. These design ideas extend to their baby clothing.  There are amusing sayings inspired by music, movies and cartoons.  You can find band T-Shirts, comic book logos and some foul language if that’s your thing. The prices are on the higher side so I recommend the tactic of buying a size too big so you can get more use out of the items.

Most stores that sell baby clothes sell specialty clothing for the holidays.  Halloween is a great time to find cute spooky clothes just about anywhere.  Even better, shop on November 1st when all the Halloween items go on deep discount to make room for Christmas. Happy shopping!

If you find an outfit you love post photos online with #spookyandsweet so we can all enjoy your baby’s spooky cuteness.


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