Paint It Black?

Thinking about redecorating in the spring….or any other reason?  It can sometimes be tough to find color combinations that will look great in your home but aren’t just a mix of ecru and egg shell.  Especially when you love dark or bold hues, but don’t want to paint your whole place black.  Here are some great resources to inspire you.

Design Seeds

A long time favorite of mine.  I have spent hours exploring all the gorgeous photos and well selected color swatches. There is a custom tool where you can select a color you like and all the pallets with that color will appear like magic.

Fab Mood

This site is geared toward weddings, but the mood boards can be used for any design project. In addition to searching by your favorite color the handy side menus give you the option to search by pantone colors of the year and by features such as flowers or cakes.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams is a well known household name for paint.  They have gotten quite creative and advanced with their online tools.  You can create your own color pallets from any inspiration photo using ColorSnap. ColorSwap gives you the ability to adjust the principle colors and order. The Color Visualizer tool allows you to digitally paint sample rooms or a room photo you upload. There are also mobile apps for phones and tablets.  The Get Inspired section provides you with beautiful photos from which you can chose colors you like and build your own pallet.  Then you can apply the custom pallet to the room photo of your choice. All the features are super addictive. Playing with color pallets is almost as crack-like as Pinterest…..oh and of course you can pin the pallets.



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