Taste The Darkness

Are you looking for a new way to add more darkness to your life?  Maybe you are also looking for some new superfoods to try.  You’re in luck!  There is a wide variety of black colored food options, many of which are also very healthy.

Black Rice

One of my favorite alternatives to traditional white rice, black rice has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. Also known as forbidden rice it is full of antioxidants (as are many dark foods), has dietary fiber and anti-inflammatory properties according to Dr. Axe. You can use it everywhere you use white rice, including sushi.  It’s fairly easy to find in health food and specialty stores.  If you need some inspiration, try this recipe with butternut squash and pomegranate.

Black Pasta

This pasta typically gets its color from squid or cuttlefish ink.  It can also be made from black rice, black beans or colored with bamboo charcoal.  According to a 2011 Dr. Oz segment squid ink stops the growth of new blood vessels which is supposed to slow the growth of cancer.  It can be found in specialty stores or you can make it at home with the help of this recipe.  Once you have made the pasta you need to do something with it, try this.

Black Garlic

Described as molasses sweet with a touch of balsamic, black garlic is an aged version of the traditional raw garlic you know and love. It is said to have double the antioxidants of the fresh version and has been used in Asian garlic for years.  Black garlic has often been the subject of food trends and can be used in pastas and sauces or as a garnish.  Give it a try with this scallop recipe.

Black Raspberries

They may look like blackberries, but they are not the same.  I think they taste much better than blackberries and red raspberries.  They contain fiber and antioxidants, but I think the sweet taste is the primary reason to eat them. Like most fruits you can eat them raw and unaltered.  Or you can treat your sweet tooth and turn them into desserts like cobbler.

Black Soybeans

Black soybeans are similar to the green and yellow soybeans you know. They are said to be higher in phytonutrients than their cousins and low in carbs.  The various benefits add up to being a heart healthy food. You can use them basically anywhere you would use any other beans or try something new like Braised Black Soybeans.

Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds are high in calcium and add a touch of mysterious beauty to any dish.  These tiny treats can be used in sweet or savory foods.  They can even be made into ice cream or used to dress up salmon.  Just like a classic LBD they work just about anywhere.

There are other black foods as well like blackberries, black beans, and black lentils.  I encourage you to experiment with as many as you can find.  When you aim to eat the rainbow don’t forget the dark side of the spectrum.






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