Dream Weaver

Today is March 18th, World Sleep Day.  This day is dedicated to celebrating sleep and bringing awareness to the wide variety of sleep disorders from which many people suffer. This year WSD has launched the slogan “Good sleep is a reachable dream.” Which got me thinking about dreams in general.

There are numerous theories about why we dream.  Everything from dreams being a consequence of biological functions to dreams being the very reason why we sleep.  There are many who feel that dreams are the minds way of working through subconscious issues.  Others believe dreams are prophetic.

Just as interesting as theories about why we dream are the theories about the meanings behind the dreams. Understanding your dreams can be tricky and is extremely subjective.  What I find the most interesting when reading about dream symbols is that many of the scariest images can have unexpectedly happy meanings.


This symbol depends heavily on the individuals involved.  If, in your dream, you are having an affair with your current partner it is thought that this represents a new closeness in the relationship.

Being Chased

While most people find this feeling terrifying and see it as a sign of being threatened it can be viewed as incentive to face a problem that has been haunting you.


Standing at the edge of a cliff may seem terrifying, but in your dreams it shouldn’t frighten you. It can mean an increased level of awareness or fresh point of view.


Similar to the death card in a tarot deck meaning change, death in a dream is seen as a symbol of transition. One phase in life is ending and making way for a new phase.  Death can also be seen as a sign of encouragement to start a new endeavor.




Spiders have a lot of great qualities.  Depending on the placement and activities of the spider in a dream it can be sending different messages. Spiders spinning webs may indicate a pending reward for hard work.  See one climbing a wall and your desires may soon be realized.  Sounds like good omens to me.

Join me in celebrating World Sleep Day by getting some great rest and having sweet dreams.


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