Table Bunnies

Spring and Easter and frequently known for showcasing bright pastel colors.  I prefer to add a little darkness to my decor.  It can be a challenge to accomplish this and still have the feeling of spring, but it’s possible.


Red is actually one of the most traditional easter colors in many countries like Greece and Hungary.  The red symbolizes new life and the blood of christ. Decoration often goes beyond just dying a solid color and involves elaborate hand painting. Martha Stewart shows us a modern take on the red egg with the silver and red wreath shown above.  Red, white and silver would make a stunning and elegant color scheme for any Easter gathering.


I love green.  Some say it is my signature color. In spring everything is bursting with every shade of green imaginable.  Bringing all of this new life into your home and onto your table is a beautiful way to celebrate the season.  I am partial to covering everything in moss it create a forested feeling.


Bright blues are sometimes used in Easter decorations, but you can also use the darker blues and indigos with grace. Or you can mix all the shades you can find for additional fun.


This color may not be that uncommon in your previous Easter experiences. Typically it is usually used as a compliment, but it could easily be featured as the main color. To make your own galaxy eggs visit this tutorial.


Black is an uncommon color for most holiday’s outside of Halloween.  What people forget is that black goes with everything!


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