A Creepy Engagement

When my husband proposed to me I couldn’t have been happier with the ring.  It is beautiful and intricate and completely unique.  Lots of people dream of interesting and unique engagement rings.  Whether you’re steam punk, goth, offbeat or just not interested in the average ring there are plenty of options to suit your tastes.

White Diamond

Different means of styling the well known classic stone.

“The Stream Ring”

Basket of Diamonds

Antique Inspired Halo

Black Diamond

A personal favorite (since I have one).

Vintage Pressure Set

Three Stone Red Gold

White Gold Set

Intricate Scroll Pattern


Everyone deserves a ring that suits their individual tastes, sometime that means stones other than diamonds.

Black Jade Orb

Aquamarine Swirl

Blue Topaz Grey Gold

Emerald with Bird

Black Gold

Basically these are as far from the traditional engagement ring as on can get.

Mother Nature

Black Skulls

Black Snakes

Nature Inspired

I’m always a sucker for anything covered in branches and leaves or inspired by the ocean.

Flower Halo


Moonstone with Branches

Tree of Life


I saved the best for last.

White Diamond Solitaire

Black Diamond with Roses

Circle of Skulls

Four Skulls



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