Coffin Sweet Coffin

There are plenty of ways to customize your crypt to your creepy inclinations.  Adding a few (or a lot) of well placed coffins is just one way. These days you can find casket inspired options for nearly every room in the house.



The perfect medicine cabinet for all your potions. Found here.


For those days when you need to soak your bones. Very limited edition.



Bone tired?  Rest in peace here.

coffin wall decals

Frightfully delightful custom wall decals.

coffin jewlery hangers

A final resting place for your beautiful baubles. 


coffin kitchen

Scare up some delicious delicacies in this killer kitchen.

coffin clock

Make sure those mini coffin cakes aren’t over cooked with this clock.  

Living Room


Sit a spell and rest your carcass in a real repurposed coffin couch.

shelves for life

Store your knick knacks while you’re alive and your mortal coil when you’re not.  Shelves for life convert into a coffin when you need one.

coffin table

If you have the couch and the shelves you must complete your morbid abode with this coffin shaped table.

coffin mirror

This mirror is perfect for making sure you don’t look like the walking dead….or making sure you do.



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