The Bride Wore Black?

For years before I was married I loved looking at wedding dresses.  There are so many inspiring styles and fabrics to dream about.  I wore a white chiffon dress that I absolutely loved as I had always envisioned.

More than a few people were surprised that I didn’t choose to wear black or purple or some other unusual color.  Colored wedding dresses are fantastic.  They are a great way to add some personal touches to your matrimonial celebration. They are also usually well priced since the demand is typically lower than the traditional white dresses.


In some cultures red is the traditional wedding dress color and brides wouldn’t dream of wearing a white dress.  Red is a bold choice for any occasion and will certainly make for a memorable walk down the aisle.  I am a fan of the red and black combination in particular for the contrast. And because I just like adding black to everything. Being popular with diverse cultures, red wedding dresses are fairly easy to find. Just as white dresses they come in all silhouettes, styles and sizes.


Green is one of my all time favorite colors and what some call my signature color. I don’t see many people opting for green dresses.  I think they are missing out on a great option. The dress pictured on the left is a personal favorite….if only I had the right occasion.

Blue & Purple

The colors of royalty though history, what better way to feel like a queen on your wedding day. Pair these with complementary colored flowers like orange or yellow for an unexpected combination.

Black & White

For those who can’t chose between black and white you can wear both! You can find a full vignette of options from mostly white with a touch of black to nearly all black with small pops of white and everything in-between.  the striped number in the top left would be fun for a Tim Burton inspired affair.


The most dramatic of all wedding dress colors.  I remember a few years ago only seeing one or two styles of black wedding dresses.  Now, as more people have embraced different offbeat lifestyles and created greater demand, retailers and designers are providing far more options. From simple and sophisticated to extravagant and eccentric, you just can’t go wrong with black.

Part of me wants to renew my vows every few years just so I can plan different weddings and have fun colorful dresses every time.  I’ve had the white dress of my dreams, now I just want to play!




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