A Creepy Engagement

When my husband proposed to me I couldn’t have been happier with the ring.  It is beautiful and intricate and completely unique.  Lots of people dream of interesting and unique engagement rings.  Whether you’re steam punk, goth, offbeat or just not interested in the average ring there are plenty of options to suit your tastes.

White Diamond

Different means of styling the well known classic stone.

“The Stream Ring”

Basket of Diamonds

Antique Inspired Halo

Black Diamond

A personal favorite (since I have one).

Vintage Pressure Set

Three Stone Red Gold

White Gold Set

Intricate Scroll Pattern


Everyone deserves a ring that suits their individual tastes, sometime that means stones other than diamonds.

Black Jade Orb

Aquamarine Swirl

Blue Topaz Grey Gold

Emerald with Bird

Black Gold

Basically these are as far from the traditional engagement ring as on can get.

Mother Nature

Black Skulls

Black Snakes

Nature Inspired

I’m always a sucker for anything covered in branches and leaves or inspired by the ocean.

Flower Halo


Moonstone with Branches

Tree of Life


I saved the best for last.

White Diamond Solitaire

Black Diamond with Roses

Circle of Skulls

Four Skulls



Say It With Flowers

Did you happen to forget something this past Sunday…you know, Valentine’s Day? Maybe you remembered the day and got the wrong thing.  Or perhaps you are just awesome and want to send your lovey something nice regardless of holidays. Whatever your reason for sending just about everyone loves receiving flowers.

During the Victorian era the language of flowers or floriography was developed.  The varieties and colors of flowers given said a lot more than just a simple “I got you something nice”.  Pick the wrong color or flower and you may have gotten the bouquet thrown back in your face.

The original meanings were complex and sometimes confusing or conflicting.  Some have been lost to the ages or changed to suit modern times.  Here are some ideas to get you started on creating a meaningful and loving bouquet.

You Are The Love Of My Life

Red and white are a classic combination for a good reason.  The colors connote true, pure and unending love. I prefer bouquets that think outside the rose. The red tulips alone are a declaration of love while the baby’s breath represent everlasting love.  Carnations in red and white convey admiration, sweetness and innocence.  The varied blossom shapes and prominent leaves create a dynamic combination which is sure to please your sweetie.

I Really Like You

Sometimes you want to give flowers to someone you have romantic feelings for, but those feelings haven’t turned into everlasting love (yet). Calla lilies say beauty in basically all colors.  I feel they are lovely enough to be given alone.  If you want to add some greens to fill out the bouquet a bit further I recommend ferns.  Ferns mean sincerity which could apply to either “I sincerely think you are beautiful” or “my feelings for you are sincere, beautiful”.  Even if you are not in love with the person currently the arrangement still shows the feelings you do have are real.

You’re A Good Friend

Chrysanthemums, freesia and alstroemeria all indicate friendship.  Chrysanthemums are also cheerful and optimistic and just plain fun.  Freesia smell amazing and have the added benefit of indicating trust and lasting friendship. Alstroemeria are a great versatile flower that come in nearly every color and add interest to any bouquet.  Yellow is a common color when choosing flowers for friends, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from playing with unique combinations.

I Actually Don’t Like You At All

There are a few flowers and colors you should be weary of giving…unless you want to send a bad message. Striped flowers in general indicate rejection or refusal. The tansy looks super cute with bunches of perky little round yellow blooms. Yellow always means friendship right? Nope. Tansies mean hostile thoughts. Orange lilies are only for people you flat out hate or despise. Hydrangeas aren’t quite as hostile, just dispassionate, frigid and vain.  You might want to think twice before putting those in a wedding bouquet.

The next time you want to give flowers make sure you consider what deeper meanings may be lurking behind those blossoms.  And remember, men like flowers too.