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Tentacle Tattoos

I am in Greece this week enjoying the sun, surf and amazing Mediterranean food. My husband and traveling partners will likely dine on more than a few octopuses.  Personally I prefer to enjoy octopuses with my eyes only; in the wild, in home decor, or in tattoos!

I have often wondered why I find octopuses so fascinating.  Recent scientific findings have helped me realize that it’s because they are basically aliens. Their genetic structure is vastly different from any other creature on earth.  They have roughly three times as many genes as humans along with large brains and closed circulatory systems not found in other invertebrates.  They are exceptionally intelligent and can learn to solve puzzles, open jars and escape across open spaces above water.

Octopuses have an amazing ability to camouflage into their surroundings in less than a second which is really just the coolest thing possible. There is a wide variety of species from the teeny tiny to giant kraken like beasts. They are very complex creatures which can be shy and deadly poisonous at the same time. All the while remaining super cute in a creepy-crawly kind of way.  Like spiders you can hug.  That must be why I like them so much, they are just big squishy spiders that you can cuddle and they can squeeze you back….well maybe they don’t cuddle, but a girl can dream.

First some reference material of super cute octopuses. Then on to the tattooed versions.

The meanings behind the octopus tattoo are are varied as the designs and placements one might find. Sailors often have them to signify their time at sea.  Others see them as symbols of regrowth and rejuvenation. They can be icons of creativity and agility or the ability to adapt and change with any situation. Some people (like me) just love the little guys or oceanic life in general.

Ladies First

Some of the most dramatic octopus tattoos are featured on women. Specifically on or near their boobs.  What’s not to like!?


Combining an aquatic creature with a water-based artistic style is an inventive way to display your octopus without literal waves or an ocean scene.

Cute and Cuddly

Sometimes you just want a little bit of cuteness to carry with you at all times. I especially like the combination of the saber with the sweet yet mischievous feminine octopus.  The juxtaposition of beauty and danger is what I’m all about.

Bold and Beautiful

The colors these tattoo artists are able to achieve are incredibly impressive.

Terrors from the Deep

Anywhere you find tattoos you will find people mixing skull designs to create terrifying scenes. Ocean life also easily lends itself to being combined with pirate themes. The giant red octopus taking down a ship is one of the best (and largest) American traditional style tattoos I have ever seen.  If you’re going to cover your back it better be with something magnificent and this surely qualifies.

Realistic and Dimensional

The intricate textures of octopus skin is difficult to capture, even in photographs.  Most artists don’t attempt it or don’t do it well.  These two nailed it.

Darkness and Shadow

It’s always pleasing to see the versatility of basic black ink, especially when combined with well drawn designs.

Flowing and Floral

I found more babes with octo-ink than I was expecting. The combinations with bright colors and tropical flowers were a wonderful surprise.  Great inspiration pieces.

Statement Pieces

Not that any of the items above don’t make a statement.  All tattoos of any size make statements.  The sizes, colors, and placements of these speak volumes about octopus love.

Now it’s off to do some snorkeling and see if I can’t find one of these beauties in the wild!


´╗┐Office Spooky

Even the dark and spooky among us need to earn a living. Whether you consider yourself goth, punk or part of any other alternative life style you still need to eat. You deserve to have a well paying career which you enjoy. Wearing exquisitely winged eyeliner or being covered in tattoos shouldn’t limit your employment opportunities.

In reality you can work anywhere you please.  If you want to be a lawyer or doctor or tattoo artist that’s what you should pursue. Unfortunately there is still a lot of prejudice in the working world towards people who are different.  You may need to do a lot of searching to find a workplace which is a good fit for you. There are some industries/careers that are more accepting than others.

Haunted Tour Guide

Almost every large city has some level of haunted history and a few walking tours to go with it. Having a tour guide in a top hat and tails or a flowing victorian gown adds to the atmosphere.


Whether you are private, freelance, or in house many people expect photographers (and other creative types) to be eccentric and unusual.  Use these expectations to your advantage.  Nearly every industry you can think of needs a photographer at some point.  Food, clothing, people, products all need to be presented in a pleasing manor for advertising or other publications. The same idea applies to other areas of the film and entertainment industries.

Beauty & Music

The beauty, fashion and music industries are known for being open to all types of individuals.  Hair stylist, makeup artist, tattoo artist, musician are some of the more well known occupations.  Nearly every job in these industries, including those in corporate settings, allow you to show your tattoos and dress as you please.  However, the higher you climb the corporate latter the less you may be encouraged to express your spookiness. This will vary widely depending on the company.

Tech & Online

Many modern employers are embracing people who live alternative life styles. Some major companies include; Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Zappos.  Many smaller start up companies are also open to freedom of fashion expression.


Depending on the school and area you might be able to find a teaching job which allows you to dress the way you like.  This requires some research to find a location which is accepting and you may not have one in your area. If you can’t find a school you can offer your services as a private tutor. If you chose to tutor children their parents may pass some judgement.  However as our generation grows up and has children of school age you may find less of this judgement. Or you can teach private lessons to adults.  Nearly any skill you have can be taught (art, music, foreign language) and you are likely to find at least a few people willing to pay you to learn.


That’s right, start your own business and make your own policies.  You’re smart and capable. Find something you’re passionate about, learn what you need to know to run a related business and go for it!  Of course I’m making it sound simple for the sake of this post.  It is a real challenge to start and run your own business.  It takes a lot of drive and dedication and you really need to know how to run a business or partner with someone who does.  However, my earlier statement still applies, you’re smart and capable.  With hard work you can do whatever you want.

Looking for even more alternative job options, check out this page by Mookychick.